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Dave E known as Okoronkwo Nnaemeka David hails from Imo state, a graduate of Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Ogun state, born to a family of 5. He’s a passionate addicted worshipper of God,a praise and worship minister and a musician.
Agu Neche Mba1 talks about Gods Sovereignty, Mightiness and Glory. God is above our expression, imagination and Obstacles, He’s Agu Neche Mba1 ( the only leopard that guides the city )

Agu Neche Mba1 Lyrics

Call: oh oh oh oh
Respond: oh oh oh oh… 4x
Who is able to walk upon the sea. Jesus, Jesus
Who is able to make the storm to cease. Jesus, you are God that’s who you are..2x

Agu neche Mba 1
Your light that fills the world
Your the multi breasted one
There is no one else like you
Isi Nke Ndu Mo
Your hand that opens doors
You have never lost a war
You are God that’s who you are
Verse 2
Who is able to make the blind to see. Jesus Jesus
Who is able to make demons to flee, Jesus, you are God that’s who you are…2x
Back to chorus…2x

The mountains now before you
The trees sing to praise you
Darkness will flee at the sound of your name. Jesus
Angels they sing to praise you
No power can stand against you
The sick are healed when we call on your name. Jesus.. 2x
Call: idin ma
Response: idin ma.. 8x
Call: imela
Response: imela.. 8x
Call: Adu kpe
Response: adu kpe


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